Worship Ministries

The Worship Team has 4-month term commitments. Just come to our weekly Worship Team meetings on Mondays at 7pm or talk to/email Nyssa Piesker at riverworshipgo@gmail.com.  We’re currently still looking for sound/technical engineers, all musical instruments, people who are lead worshipers of Jesus, and team players.

If you love watching the flaggers and would like to learn how to do it, a Flagging/Dance Practice (drop in) is held every other Saturday at 10am. Come to learn how to flag. Beginners are welcome!

Kids Worship is still looking for servants who know how to worship to be with the kids for 40 minutes on Sunday mornings at 11:15am. For more information, contact Nyssa Piesker at riverworshipgo@gmail.com.

Worship Director

Elder Nyssa Piesker

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The River Church

4675 Portland Rd NE, Suite 190

Salem, OR 97305



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