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Women, join us for Bible Study, encouragement, prayer & fun activities!

Our Women's Ministry Leader, Pastor Alma Markson, has a vision for this ministry that is all about women encouraging each other and having fun together. The ministry team plans outings throughout the year, fun evenings like game nights, Bible Studies, and overall sharing and caring for one another. There will be lots of fun times! And our Tuesday evenings are more than having Bible study -- we sometimes just sit and fellowship with one another to lift up, encourage, and get to know one another better.

Upcoming events
Tuesday, February 8 - Potluck (food, fun & fellowship)

Saturday, March 19 (9am-4pm) - Women's Conference
Tuesday, April 12 - Bingo Night
Thurs.-Sun., May 19-22 - Women's Retreat at Black Butte
Tuesday, June 14 - The Yard
Tuesday, July 12 - Game Night
Saturday, August 13 - Beach Day
Tues., Sept. 13 - Bingo Night
Tuesday, October 11 - Movie Night
Tuesday, November 8 - Bunco Night
Tuesday, December 13 - Christmas Party
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Women's Ministry

Pastor Alma Markson

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Your Women's Ministry Team: 

(Left to right)
Deaconess Bev Homann

Elder Cathy Eldridge

Pastor Alma Markson

Deaconess Abby Winslow

Elder Deirdre Cooper