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Need support & encouragement?

Ready to homeschool? Want support and friendship for you and your children? If you have school age children and are interested in joining us come to our meeting on Saturday, July 24th at 4pm. We will have registration forms and need payment for the first month (or more), so we can order curriculum.

We are planning to meet Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday's at the church, starting the end of August and going year-round. We will have chapel and classes from 10am - 3pm those days. Parents and some great teachers will work together to help make homeschooling a great experience for us all. If you need more days or hours, please contact us.

River Church Family (Attend Regularly)

Cost for children with parents teaching/tutoring: 

          $150 per month per student

          $250 per family

Cost for working families:

          $250 per month per student

          $350 per family

We do not want cost to be a factor, so please contact us. We can also work with parents needing additional hours or possible to transport children home.

If you are planning on joining us, we also would appreciate you filling out a few surveys to help us plan and order curriculum. The most important one is the Student Survey. Please also fill out this survey, so we can plan for what to offer.

Please print and fill out these forms for the meeting on July 24th

(We will have some printed copies at the meeting)

Here is some of what we are looking at doing:

Let’s Work Together

Contact us here for more information.

Thanks for submitting!