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Remembering Pastor David Farmer

“Only God decides when we're born, and when we're done. There is always something more you can do for the Kingdom of God while you still have breath in your body. Now get out there and win this city to Jesus!“
- David
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David was born November 1, 1948 to Harold and Mary (Dalton) Farmer in Washington, DC. He graduated from Rincon High School.


Pastor David Farmer met and married his wife Sharon in San Francisco while they both were attending Simpson Bible College in 1970. He married Sharon Elaine Decker on June 7, 1970. They spent many happy years together.


Pastor David served for many years as a pastor. He was a very devoted man who loved his family and leading souls to Jesus. He held various management positions with Good News Broadcasting Inc. of Lincoln, Nebraska for 13 years, where he also served the City of Lincoln as a volunteer Police and Fire Department chaplain. Past ministry includes churches and house churches in Nebraska and Idaho through ordination with the Assemblies of God and Open Bible Churches and several prison ministries.

He is survived by his wife, Sharon Farmer; his children, Sean Farmer and Dawn Reimers; his grandchildren, Jeremiah Reimers, Ella Reimers, and Caedmon Farmer; and his sister, Terry Schell.